Mixed Memes

Another Monday already??     They sure do seem to come quite regularly!      Yep, nearly every 7 days!!

Today’s Meme Theme is A, B, C, D.

The A’s.

slob, humor, meme

Yes, please!!!

slob, humor, meme

All the winkys!

The B’s.

slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

slob, humor, meme

Best friends don’t let friends bare their bums!

slob, humor, meme

This is a B and a C.


The C’s.


slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

Cupcake- key to all happiness?

slob, humor, meme

Crazy lady- hey! I do NOT live in her house!


Da D.

slob, humor, meme

Deadlifts- yeah, ME!!


Not out right laughed out loud, but eh, I chuckled.

Mixed emotions about my memes, Monday.


18 thoughts on “Mixed Memes

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  2. All funny but I love the baby at the end best. Ok – I’m gonna show how my ignorance here but what is a deadlift? Being a Brit might be an acceptable excuse as I only speak a few words of American 😀. Why no dog memes? You seem to favour ducks. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

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