5 Photos, 5 Stories part two

Sherry and me, around 1963

Sherry and me, around 1963

This is my Aunt Sherry, and I on my Grandma’s porch.  My Grandma – who is her mother’s porch.

Sherry is only 5 months older than me.  And no, I never called her Aunt!  Except to tease her, and try to make her feel old!  Ya know, since she’s a  WHOLE 5 MONTHS!! older than me!

I’m on the right.  I think I’m looking down, and frowning because we were comparing our ugly Flintstone feet.

See how I’m kicking that right foot out??  I’m comparing how fat my foot is to hers.  It’s a whole family pastime, to whip out our piggies and see whose is the ugliest this year.  You should see all my aunts gathered together!

What? your family doesn’t do this?  Well, sorry for you, then!

Who pedals your car, when you’re all together???

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28 thoughts on “5 Photos, 5 Stories part two

  1. Melinda, another amazing write-up from you. Interesting, witty and lovable as always. And a high five to you on having an aunt that young. I have TWO of them! 😀 Both of them are around the same age and a year older than me. But as you are with yours, I’m twins with mine too 😍😍😍😍😍 *high five*

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  2. Family is everything.
    They are all that remains when all has seen its end.
    And well, I used to scare my baby brother by telling him I’ll give him away to kidnappers. He still laughs at my barbarity after 10 years.
    And the snap is really cute, dear friend. 🙂

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