Lucy’s Lingo

Well, I might as well make this an official “thing.”

I’m going to repost all my old posts, in order.       What a great way to avoid having to get those pix off my phone!!        lol!!        I’m all for taking the easy way out!

But no, it’s not for me!        It’s for you, my readers!!          Most of you have not been with me from the very beginning, so now you’ll know “the rest of the story.”        Thank you, Paul Harvey!

The 3rd day of my blogging adventure:

With bonus features!!        The alliterative titles, I mean!

The photos were added later.

slob, humor, proud mama

DD2’s a Dr!!

The photo of me and DD2, was from her graduation as a Dr!!

And the reason there are no photos of my babies: DD1 has a strict no online presence policy.     Which I used to fight her about, until I learned about all the dangers.

8 thoughts on “Lucy’s Lingo

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  2. Absolutely agree – we have the same policy – no pics of the grandchildren online. Aside from the dangers, what if they grow up and get mad because you put pictures of them ‘out there’ before they were old enough to decide if they WANTED to have their faces all over the internet. It’s just bonkers putting pictures of vulnerable young people online where absolutely ANYONE can screen shot them if they want to – too many creepy people out there who would steal images of our precious children. I think there will be a lot of grandmothers and mothers who will one day face the wrath of their children who are angry that they had no say in their pictures being put online. And by the way – lovely picture. Congrats to your clever daughter!

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