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De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline, De-clusion

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Today I’m working in the __________.          Did you guess right??               A+ for you on the pop quiz!

The kitchen korner:

slob, humor, kitchen korner

Terrible tower.

This is right behind my seat at the table.         Needless to say, but of course I will anyway, I can’t ever sit properly at the table.       I have to sit sideways, or something.

So, today was the day to tear down the tower.

First, I emptied the dust canister on the vacuum stick.      It was sooo clogged!!        Then, I felt better about putting it away in the laundry room.

Next, the shopping bags were hung on a pre-existing hook, just left of the window frame.       Here’s hoping we’ll actually remember to grab them, on our way out to the store!!

The medicine went to the bathroom, where we keep it.       The Febreeze, oops, generic air spray, off to the laundry room, with the vacuum.

Then, time to tear down!!      Ah ha ha!         I became Destructo Melinda!!

First box was half keep, and half donations.

slob, humor, donations

Half a box of donatables, right off the bat!      Woo hoo!

Charging full speed ahead!          Feeling pumped!

Second box was half and half, keep and donate too, just toys this time!

See that green frog broom??         Most annoying thing!                  When you sweep with it, it says “You missed a spot!”          I do NOT need comments on my cleaning from the tools!!                Hopefully they won’t miss it, cuz it’s gotta go!!                                       Thanks, but no thanks, Grandmama!!

slob, humor, food

Third box, a mixed bag. Nope, that would be a mixed lot.







I kept the plastic, fake Tupperware- they all had lids!!       Yay!!        Kept some of the food, gave the tissues, and gloves to DD1.

slob, humor, more donate

2 good cans that we won’t use, bar soap, and grabbed a stuffy, all to donate.

slob, humor, expired food

Already expired food. 😦 I hate when I waste food like that.

Feeling wonderful!!        Put away everything I’m keeping, put donate boxes, and expired food by door, all’s well!

Then, I turned around, and saw this, by the fridge:

Why is there a basket of laundry, in the kitchen??         Even more so, why is there coffee, and teepee in the laundry basket??           And why is there a bath toy in the kitchen??         Well, that’s cuz- kids.          The laundry is all me.         But even I’m puzzled by the coffee, and tp in there!!            No matter, all put away now.

Oh, really??            What’s this in the hall, then??

slob, humor, not hidden in the hall

Ya caught me- laundry basket hidden (I thought) in the hall.

Ok, ok, I put away the toy, tp, and coffee.         Then I just set that there in the hall, for a minute!          I was tired!          I’ll do it!!                   (When I get around to it , [sotto voce] ) I heard that!!

Fine!        [very grumpy tone]             There!            Happy now??

slob, humor, empty basket


[smugly]     As a matter of fact, I am, yes!        Thank you!

Kitchen korner konquered!

27 thoughts on “Kitchen Korner

  1. Ha…how do things move like that?! I hate it too when food goes out of date…it’s great though to declutter like this, I really need to start like yesterday. That green frog brush would drive me insane too! It’s as bad as the ‘S Health’ app I have on my phone, telling me every darn day that I’m not keeping up with my steps…as if I need more guilt. If I get one good day of walking, less and less these days for so many reasons, I get a ‘well done’. The next day…the ‘you haven’t walked enough steps’ returns like a bad dream. Oh Melinda, I wish you the very best with your de-cluttering. I’m going to disappear again because of my upcoming move, I will try to pop in as things ease, but don’t worry if you don’t hear from me through the summer, you’ll know why. I am so hoping and praying I can get back to blogging after…and you know I’ll be right here when I do. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful summer and here’s to your new, pristine, decluttered – and gloriuosly purple of course! – place. Love you Melinda…you’re a great friend! Love Sherri … ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I dunno if you saw, but i recently cleaned out my pantry. I had food in there that expired 3 years ago. How is that even possible??? >_< Good job with your kitchen!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I insist that we use the FIFO (first in/first out) method for the pantry. That way older things don’t get pushed back and expire before they’re used. But I’m not bragging. I still keep pretending that darned junk room doesn’t exist. And now that Pete’s married would it be wrong to dump his stuff on their lawn?

    Liked by 1 person

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