House’s Home!

Yay, moved into new place!!     Woot woot!!    Finally!!

But, you know the routine, I forgot to take before pix, while it was empty.     So, ignore all the boxes, superflous trash cans, flotsam and jettsam please!

slob, humor, newest place

Front door, divider between living room, dining room. Nice floors!

Boy, those dividers sure made handy places to sit, while my guys brought in all the stuff!!

This house has a great history.     The owner is 3rd generation family.      His grandparents lived in it, and he came every summer to visit.       After they died, he divided the house in 2, (Yes, it’s a huge house!!) and rented it out, cuz he couldn’t stand to sell it!!

It has some great features, like the dividers!    

And a plate rail in the dining room, very handy for propping up art!!

Tons of storage!!      And a skylight!!    

slob, humor, skylite in bath

A skylight! How fancy!

Yay!!      In the sink part of the bathroom!!       Yes, we have a fancy 2 room bathroom!     Oops, maybe that should be : we have a sink room, and a bath room!  lol

Unlike the place that fell thru, there is even room to walk in the laundry room, after we get the washer/dryer in there!!


Washing machine, and dryer on the way!

AND a real back yard!!     The girls are so excited!!!      We’ve been back there to play, 3x already, the first week, in the evenings!!

With grass!    And trees, and everything!!

slob, humor, wall

Nice pic of the wall in my room! The bag o’ fabric has already been donated. Yay!

Also unlike the other place, I have a whole room ALL to myself!!       Except when PP wants to sleep with me, of course!!   (Only every night!!     She can’t believe she gets to snuggle Omie all the time!!)     Or PPJr needs a nap, and Mommy isn’t home!

My room.


slob, humor, blocked up window

My lovely blocked-up-window headboard!

The other half of the house, behind the windows- is a different rental unit. 

We are re-jiggering the layout somewhat.      The living room, with fireplace!

is now DD1’s bedroom.            

slob, humor, fire place

So pretty! Well, it was before we moved in our stuff!

The dining room is now our living room.

Happily, the kitchen is big enough to be an eat-in.

And did ya notice- a dish washer!!           Big white square in the last pic, there.                     With a built-in pantry!!    In the kitchen, not down at the end of the hall, like in my trailer!!     Woot Woot!

slob, humor, accessible pantry

So handy pantry!

And oh, the storage!!!

These cabinets are all in the sink room, of the bathroom!!

Did I mention the storage???      I coulda kept all my stuff!      No!!      [snaps rubber band on wrist]   Too much stuff is NOT good!!     Doesn’t matter how many cabinets there are!!

Girls’ room:

The other pink toddler bed was floating around my room.     Then, I decided to take it back where it belonged, since no one was sleeping in it anyway!

slob, humor, bath mirror

Convenient bath mirror- when you get out of shower, check if you forgot a spot!

That’s about it, except for the front porch, but it’s so jammed with boxes, both full, and empty, and half full of trash, that I decided to skip it for now!

All’s well that ends well.

And now the de-cluttering begins again!

53 thoughts on “House’s Home!

  1. (quote)And did ya notice- a dish washer!! Big white square in the last pic, there. With a built-in pantry!! (end quote)

    At first I read that to mean that your dish washer had a pantry built into it, and i was all, “That is fancy… Wait, what?” And I re-read it and all was well with the world. ^_^

    Time for bed for me. And congrats on the new house.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats Lucy ! Woot Woot !
    Lovely !
    Wish I could come to visit .
    Is it your own property ?
    You have lot of playing space outside and inside.
    Wow !
    I hope you all live here long years.

    Liked by 1 person

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