Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

(Are you so tired of looking at this pic, you could gag?     Me either, just asking for a friend.)

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

More, and more, the story, and clutter mountain grows!      Uh, no, actually, the clutter mountain is decreasing, as time goes on.       Oh, yeah, you’re right!      Thanks for keeping me straight!        No prob.

Here’s how the shed looked, after the first go round.

Now, onto the good stuff!!              Getting rid of!!             Decluttering!!      

           Purging!!                 Recycling!!      (Sorry, no pix exist.)                 Plain out trashing!!!  

slob, humor, trash

3 cans of trash, obliterated!!

I was whirling thru it like a fiend!!

This time, XH was helping me, not DD1.        She was at work.


slob, humor, donate

The whole bin that wasn’t mine. So,easy decision, all donate, yess!

All the Christmas overload, that I had not used this past Christmas, took a hike.

 See ya!!

It was a huge LOT!!         Even 1 whole bin of it, that wasn’t mine!!      {Again!!}

I had so many lights, and garland strands, I could have decorated my whole street!!      That’s if you would have had the get up and go, to actually do it!!      You didn’t even decorate the outside of your own house, beyond a wreath on the door.        True, sad, but true.

I was sweating so hard, I think I lost 5 lbs!!       (All water weight of course.)


Whatever do you do with 2 completely empty bins???        (Update:  you use one to fill up with donate stuff!!      2 bins with 1 stone!)

slob, humor, last empty space

Oops! Almost forgot the final finished foto!

How fabulous does all that empty space look??     It’s like a miracle!!    Except we did it with our own 2 hands!      (4 hands, actually!)        And my brain, and determination to get more junk outta my life!!       I sure wasn’t enjoying any of it, when it was out there with the spiders??    Snakes??       Wasps fer sure!!      (I know cuz I had to spray a few!     Did you know spray paint will kill wasps??      Those 3 are the prettiest, pinkest, DEADEST, wasps ever!!)

slob, humor, painted pink wasps.

The pink and the dead.

     In Vanronica, and ready to run!!          They were dropped off within 2 hours!!                     Woo hoo!!!       DD1 and I high fived ourselves, for that!    (Yes, I know I said she wasn’t helping me.      She just showed up for the fun part- the actual donating!!)

slob, humor, back into house

All that will go  back into the house.

Y’all, I’m seriously proud of myself!!       I felt such a high, from dumping all that excess stuff!      I wanted to get going on another space!        Good thing XH has better sense.         He sent me inside to get cool, and drink water.      Why I didn’t have it with me, I doan know.       So, I stretched out in my recliner, rehydrated, and ate 2 ice cream bars, for good measure.       Had to bring my temperature down, didn’t I??

And, then I realized I was tired!!      So glad he stopped me!


Total House Time Before: 10 hrs 28 min.

Total Shed Time Now: 1 hr x 2 people= 2 hrs

Real Total House Time, fer sure: 12 hrs and 28 min.                  {so far….}

Still have 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, the porch, and the workshop to go!     I’m exhausted again, already!      Oh, yeah, and I haven’t even finished the Scullery yet!

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