Hairy Hare

Nope, no bunnies here.  Sorry if the title “Hairy Hare” led you astray!

Oh, ok, just for you.

slob, humor, my rare rabbit photo

Here he is: my rare rabbit.

We’re talking about my hair, once again.

Sick of hearing about it??       You’re dismissed!

Time for a summer haircut!!          This is the shaggy, gotta go look.

slob, humor, shaggy haircut

Shaggy- no relation to Scooby Doo!

DIY tool:      

slob, humor, diy tool

Let’s do it!

First run thru:

2nd buzz thru:

What bald spots??

Huge hairy hunk o’ hairball, here!

Yeah, so it’s a little choppy in the back, you ever try to shave yourself, while taking selfies??        Not as easy as it looks, let me tell ya!

slob, humor, haircut

Tiny lil Alfalfa thing going on! (Little Rascals reference)

And it would still look like that today, except I was at Sweet Friend’s house, and when I walked by him, he burst out laughing.       He said, “Here, let me help you.     Even tho it would be really funny, I can’t in good conscience let you go to church that way tomorrow.”

So, he tidied it up for me.     And the people at the new church didn’t even blink.       Though at prayer time, I think I heard the sweet little saint behind me pray for “that woman with the cancer, bless her heart.”


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