Dear Dolly

I nominated Dolly to my  Quote Challenge.

slob, humor, challenge



She then wrote this.

“I’ve been challenged! I’ve been nominated by a Purple Person for the ubiquitous three-quote challenge. I am unable to resist any challenge, so yes, Beautiful People, I’ll take it on. The gauntlet was thrown in my direction by a funky and unpredictable Melinda of  You will enjoy stopping by her blog; she is wacky and sincere, and she is a fighter – I admire that!”


Here is the gauntlet I threw down.



In return for her taking up the gauntlet, here is her Dear Dolly letter.

Dear Dolly,

I love you too!!       Funky is fun!      And unpredictable is unapologetically original!!         Wacky is wonderful!          Sincere is sensational!!            Fighting is fabulous!!

Having a friend like you is priceless!

Love, PurpleSlob

 AKA  Melinda the Purple Person



10 thoughts on “Dear Dolly

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