Many, Many, Mixed Memes

slob, humor, mom meme

slob, humor, political meme

I can’t help it! This is funny to me!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, man meme


slob, humor, toddler meme

Can I get an amen??

slob, humor, historical meme

slob, humor, meme

Am I the only one??

slob, humor, mom meme

Oh, so true!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, Jonah meme

Me thinks Jonah no likee.















slob, humor, sky diver meme

OOOhhhh!! That would be fun!!

slob, humor, invisible cereal??


slob, humor, in or out? meme

The story of my life….

slob, humor, Asian dad meme

I just had to sneak him in!!

Hope you got your laugh on!!     Many, many, mixed memes just seemed the way to go today.



16 thoughts on “Many, Many, Mixed Memes

  1. My little one is 19 months and starting the ‘I do it!’ torture. Not only do you need to wait but 9 times out of 10 she messes up! This morning she wanted to take her bowl of dry cereal to the car in and Easter bucket – fine. But she wants to do this and get to the car all by herself. Obviously she spills the cereal and obviously is it in the most disgusting part of the garden.She was not happy! Kids!

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  2. Your sense of humor is SO dead on! Every one of these got me goin’! The invisible cereal man? Baaaaahhhhaaaaa!!! The Mary Poppins turned Batman? OMG, that was hysterical!!! And I can so relate to the figety thing scenario too!

    I’m pinning this post fo’ sho’. You’re just so FUNNY! Xoxo

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  3. Melinda, I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not forgetting about me, and for leaving your supportive comments. I wish I could put into words how much that means to me. And if I said that already in my last email to you (I’m still in a bit of a fog), then just let this be a reminder of how flipping remarkable you are.

    You have a natural talent for helping people feel happier. Whether a person’s reading a post of yours or a short comment you wrote, your spirit absolutely shines through and people can’t help but smile.

    So thank you, Melinda. Thank you so very much.

    With Love,

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