Toss Toaster?



Are you crazy?  Tossing the toaster is just over the line!

Back up, there, Benny.  Hold your horses, Holly.

If I toss the toaster, as was suggested on an organizing blog,,  whatever will I make toast with?

What’s that?  I don’t have bread now that I’m GF? Ummmmm, but what if I have a guest who wants toast, and brought their own bread?? Hmm, what say you then?

Oh, okay, fine.  I’ll toss the toaster.


1 more thing gone, 12 million to go.

15 thoughts on “Toss Toaster?

  1. Hello? Sorry you tossed the toaster. There are several breads that are gluten free and delicious. Rudis, Udis, and Food For Life. Raisins, Pecans, Flax Seed, and other nutritious gluten free ingredients. Come to see me and I will toast you some G.F. bread and spread some tahinni butter, or almond butter, or sunflower seed butter on top with some honey and cinnamon. Your loving Dad.

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