Authentic Author

I’m so excited to tell you (again)!!    My BBFFJ is a published Author!!        (Just in case you have forgotten in the month since Nov. 26.  But I need to start the New Year right, by bragging on my BBFFJ some more!!))

slob, humor, BBFFJ's book


Here’s the link to her book on Amazon:

Please go check it out, and buy at least 10 copies!!      You’ll be glad you did!!        The perfect gift for all the aspiring e-book authors you know!!

Once they have Janice’s book in hand,     







er, in inbox??, they too can be a successful published author!!

I wrote a review for it, because she graciously let me read it beforehand!! 

But then, Amazon was difficult about it, and wouldn’t let me post it, since I hadn’t bought anything from them.    What’s up with that??      But then I won a gift card, so there!      And still, I can’t publish the review, because it has to be valid debt or credit card purchases.   Then I was really unhappy!!       Especially since I’m sure it would have been my review that would have sold millions of books thereafter!        Of course it would..

Anyway, someday when I grow up, I wanna be just like Janice!

slob, humor, Janice Wald

My BBFFJ, AKA Janice Wald www.mostlyblogging,com

Update:  Amazon finally let me post my review last night! Woo hoo!

9 thoughts on “Authentic Author

  1. HI BBFFM,
    1. What a great BBFF you are! To continue to try like you did– my eyes will well up if I keep thinking about it. Thank you!
    2. I read your review. So can everyone at Your review was funny (vintage you, of course). and so detailed. I read it objectively. What struck me was the part where you said if you buy the book, you’ll be able to know how to blog AND find time for sleep. If I wanted a blogging tips book, that part and the “treasure trove” part would convince me.
    3. Look at this great post– in my honor! Thank you a billion times for promoting my ebook the way you have.
    Seriously thank you! You are the best BBFF in the world!

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