Ingrown, Outgrown

When you get too big for your britches, you say you’ve outgrown them.

So, when you have shrunk down a size, do you say you’ve ingrown them??

All this is very relevant to me today, because…. Wait for it…..

I’ve lost 1 pant size!!

So excited!

Last few days I’ve noticed my jeans being a little loose.  The 2nd day I wore them, they were so loose, I had to clutch them to keep them up.

Yes, I wear my jeans 2 days in a row.  Gasp.

Don’t you judge me!  I know some of you do it too!  You just don’t say it out loud to 40 people like I do!

(This was waaay back in June.  Now it’s probably another size, but I can’t afford to go get a new pair of pants to find out!)


AHA!  The light comes on!

AHA! The light comes on!

I can go to the store, try them on, and NOT buy them!  What???? That is pure heresy !!  How will the stores make any money, if everybody did that?  Well….

  1. Not everybody is losing weight, like me.
  2. Not everybody is dirt poor, like me.
  3. Not everybody is shooting for minimalism, like me.
  4. Not everybody is creative, like me.
  5. Not everybody is willing to do whatever it takes, to find out their new pants size, like me!
  6. Not everybody toots their own horn, like me!

Enough already!  😉

So, maybe I will, or maybe I won’t, go try on pants and not buy.  If this offends your sensibilities, I won’t tell ya, so you won’t be upset!  I’m only thinking of you, here!


38 thoughts on “Ingrown, Outgrown

  1. Hey Melinda,
    How do you do it ? I am so—- o jealous. Please share your secrets and let us know what size you are in now.
    Congratulations and this is the way to go girl !


    • Gluten free, salt free, mostly sugar free, I do cheat about once aweek on that! And my dr. Just told me, my thyroid is a tiny bit hyperactive.
      Drinking so much water, I feel like I might drown! No exercise yet, but I plan to start water aerobics next month.
      Good luck finding a sensible way of eating that works for you.
      No more fad diets, they hurt more than they help, I believe.

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      • Just going off starch and sugar ?
        Nothing else.
        Great work !!
        And keep sharing your secrets and decluttering everything. I am with you on this.


      • Wheat, corn, most grains, sugar and salt. Trying to eat more natural food, instead of processed, boxes.
        Eating salads like a rabbit.
        Lots of water.
        Yep, pretty much it.
        Thank you so much, Susie.
        I’ll let you know my progress as I go along.
        I started out at 344 pounds.
        So, I’m a big woman! I’m 5’10” tall.
        Thank you for your interest, and reading all my posts! I appreciate it!

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      • I am 5-7 – so I am tall too and tip the scales at 90 kgs. We do it in kgs here.
        I hope I have lasting good news on this front for you too.
        I love your writing – though it is self-depreciating at times, there is a subtle humour and also irony and some pathos and some deep message in every one of your writings. I think over time, you can develop into a great writer, publishing books too.
        Looking forward to your onward journey and thank you for making me your companion.
        PS : I am a slob too.


      • Awww, Susie, I love this compliment! It’s so sweet, I almost want to cry!
        I’ve started thinking more lately about the possibility of writing a book.
        Could you translate the kgs to pounds for me? I don’t know how.
        Do you live in the UK?
        I’m so happy we met and became friends. I hope my journey will give you hope about de- slobbifying, and losing weight both. There is hope!

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  2. Hi Melinda,
    It’s me. I am trying to follow your blog. However, I can’t find the follow put in my Email. Where is it? You’re in my reader now.Thanks.


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