Victory Vote

Photo Challenge, Part 5  results are in.

It’s Laughing by a land slide pebble slide (of 11 votes to 7 of the runner-up).

Since it’s been so long, you probably don’t even remember what I’m talking about!


laughing is the winner!!


skunk-me (got 1 vote, thanks LBeth!)

burger me, baby

burger me, baby

me all aglow

me all aglow is first runner up.

purple hair

purple hair

So, here’s the scoop.

I was at a New Year’s Eve party, at my house.  That’s why the lei- we “dressed up”!!

We played a game, where everyone brought gag gifts, and played “Chinese Exchange” with them.  We drew numbers.  #1 gets first choice of any package.  After they open it, #2 can decide to open a new one, or steal #1.

The last person gets to steal from ANYone!!

Anyhoo, mine turned out to be toilet paper!  Everyone at the party knew my obsession  with it!  And I got an 8 roll pack!!  And no!!!  I didn’t let anyone steal it!

Best gag gift, ever!!

27 thoughts on “Victory Vote

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