Door Decor

Which door?   What decor?

This door, and this decor:

dark blue curtain, back door, humor

UGH to the LY

It’s my back door.

This curtain is dark navy blue.   BOO!!!   You KNOW I can’t let THAT stay here in MY house!!   If something isn’t purple, I have an allergic reaction!!   Get that girl a purple curtain!   STAT!!


So, here’s the door, mid change.    {You know normally I’m against nudity, but….. no vital areas are exposed.}  

naked back door

So immodest!!


Now, finally done.    It was such an exhausting process.     Removing the old curtain, from the rod, and sliding on the new one. Time for a nap.

purple curtain on back door, humor

So pretty in purple!!

And Bonus: finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel hall!






15 thoughts on “Door Decor

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