Speaking of : #3

Speaking of; #1, #2.


I read the book, and realized I had to do this for my very life.

Then I went online, and researched the kidney diet.  Oh joy, more good news. NOT!

(Seriously, people, where’s that SARCASM font I’m always asking for??)

I had to bite the bullet, and go gluten-free. (Do you realize that means BREAD, (the very essence of life,) and

DOUGHNUTS??? ( the ambrosia of the gods???)

The very foundation of my life!

The very foundation of my life!

And sugar-free.  And salt-free.  And basically anything that made my life worthwhile, free.

So, I did a huge pantry purge.  I felt like my life was over already.

The first 2 days were hell.  I felt sick, had a headache, so tired I couldn’t even get outta bed, tired.

I began to wonder if I’d have any life to worry about.

But then,

as I ate more salads,

potholder 009

and fruits, and vegetables,

and protein, and began to do the “C” word,


funny things began to happen.

I lost weight.

I dropped pants sizes.

My moods stabilized.

I started having more energy.

I gained strength.  After 2 months, no more walker!!

In just 13 weeks, (3 months), I lost 44 lbs!!


My Hope for life came back.

I had less stress, on my body, my joints, and my heart.

I gained a new home, and peace.

My Very First Place, All on my Own!

My Very First Place, All on my Own!

(Which had nothing to do with my new way of eating, just coincidentally came after I changed!)

My IBS cleared up,

AND MY kidney disease was reversed!!!!  God used that book, and my willingness to change, to heal me.  Thank You, God!!!

And I even had More money cuz of the free salads Sweet friend gave me.

And especially the Savings on t.p.!

Now I can finally afford that Ferrari I’ve been wanting!  Just waiting on them to come out with a purple one.  And all because I gave up doughnuts!
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speaking of #1…..

Speaking of toilet paper…(I know we weren’t, but I wanted to use a segue today, and that was the chosen one. Just go along with my little delusion, okay? I promise it won’t hurt. No pebbles in your shoes here.)

Lately in my physical recovery, I’ve been using less t.p.

My favorite brand of tp in the world!!

My favorite brand of t.p. in the world!!

This is a big deal to me.  All my life I’ve had IBS symptoms, even tho I was never diagnosed.  I remember as early as 8 years old, running to the bathroom immediately after every  meal. Mama thought I was just trying to get out of doing the dishes!  She really didn’t realize there was a real physical issue.  As I grew older, I began to realize that wasn’t how others reacted to eating. Why was I different?  What was wrong with me??

Learned about IBS, recognized symptoms, but just thought that’s how it was.

8 years ago, approximately, I found out I was allergic to wheat. Still, I made no change.

Then, in about March, my Counselor took me to see another counselor, Kelly.  She told me about GAPS, Guts and Pyschology Syndrome.

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

She followed the diet, and her son also, who was having terrible times.  She lost lots of weight, and his symptoms cleared up entirely.  I was glad for her, but very skeptical for myself.  I know me, I DO NOT DO diets well, AT ALL.  (Kinda spoiled brattish, there.)

So, I chalked it up to, “Well, sounds okay, and I’m glad it’s working for her, BUT…..”

Now, mind you, I was already on a walker, from falling so much, last year.  And so weak, I was evaluated for a powerchair.  AND, I already KNEW I was allergic to wheat, which was one of the big things talked about in the book.

So, why didn’t I do something about all the information??

Because I’m a pig-headed, stubborn, mulish….. (You get the idea.)

Then, when I went to the Dr. on April 9th, and she told me my blood test results, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

To Be Continued…