swish and swipe

I read it on Nony’s blog, ASlobComesClean, about the “Swish & Swipe”.  (And of course, I couldn’t find the post I am referring to….)  I found it!!  Ya know, cuz she has a search feature, and all!!  Duh!

I believe she said it came from the Fly Lady. I had never read that blog, but it was scary, just from what I’d heard.  Fully dressed to makeup, and shoes??  First thing in the morning???  Ain’t happ’nin.

Thought, that’s just too much trouble.

Then I find myself taking 30 min and a jack hammer to chip away at all the crud.

(Have you figured out yet that we’re talking toilet today??)

Finally I decided maybe there is something to the “Swish and Swipe”.  And I started swishing the brush around, every day(ish), and swiping the counters, every day(ish).  And guess what??  The bathroom stayed clean(ish)!!!

Who knew?

Experts know whereof they speak.

Why didn’t I listen sooner?



Anyhoo, now my toilet is usable by guests on any given day.  (Now that PP is potty training, she’s getting in on the action too!  It’s so cute to see her cleaning the toilet!!  And soon, I won’t have to do it anymore!!!!)


36 thoughts on “swish and swipe

      • I have no issues with the toilet thing. Target has this little white triangular thing that you shove into the corner, and it seems to just blend in (I guess you would have to paint yours purple). My problem is the counter stuff. I have too many toiletries and hair products in my life. There simply isn’t room for cleaning supplies…maybe I could disguise it as a little makeup towel 🙂

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      • Oh, that sounds good! Yes, please send me one, after you’ve painted it. How sweet of you to volunteer to do that for me!!
        My address is : 100 Purple House-to-be Lane, Purple City, Purplemerica.
        Haha!! WEll, do as I do, shave your head. It works! All I have to use is a tiny bit of body wash on a wash rag, and no comb or anything.
        And, I don’t wear makeup. I’m not lazy, I’m eco-conscious! That’s right, I’m doing it for the environment, yeah!
        Cleaning supplies, smeaning supplies. Who needs ’em really?? Just squirt a little dish soap and vinegar into that pyramid thingy, all good to go!

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