Fowl Funnies

Here Anne, the top 10 fowl funnies, just for you!

(In no particular order.)

dinner on elm street, chicken cooks dog, humor

Dun, dun, dun!!

humor, duckling wakes up dad too early

Uh, oh!

(ALL birds are fowl, right????)

humor, all the king's horses, late egg

I don’t think she believes you….


chicken limited edition, not weird, humor

And that’s the truth!

humor, chicken needs lips

Poor, poor chicken lip-less!!


humor, chickens build nuke

Ooohhh, you in trouble!!


humor, patient chef waits for free range chicken

Vewy, vewy quietly!


humor, funny looks church from sound booth when mics quit working

What up??


humor, chicken broke wish bone



And, last but certainly not least:

humor, wife asks eggshell walls, Easter bunny paints colorful

This is not about chickens, but I couldn’t resist!!




16 thoughts on “Fowl Funnies

  1. Thanks sweetie, you gave me another good chuckle with these 😀
    The Fifi one is just wicked (good), inner clock… I feel the pain. Best one though was the limited edition, one of a kind… kinda like us… love it 😜. Keep them coming, girl! Keep the coming 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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