Catchy Categories

After reading my BBFFJ’s blog for a while now, I realized I had way too many categories,   (Only about 100 too many, plus or minus ten).  

slob, humor, blog

Some of the categories


 So, I started weeding them out.   Some were so easy to get rid of: I had clutter and clutter(.).  No angst there!   I also had ASlobComesClean, Dana, Nony, and   4 categories for the same blog/person!!    Overkill, anyone??

All the other different spellings went to file 13, as well.   (Do we still call it that here in the blogosphere??   Then, I had crazy, and cray-cray.   Well, call me crazy, but I decided I didn’t need either one!   (But did I think of taking any pix??  Well, of course not!!   I didn’t know I wanted to write about it, till I started writing!)    

Just today, I culled down from 5 {FIVE!!} pages of categories on my dashboard, to only 3 .   Yay!!

slob, humor, screen shot

Count ’em! A one, a two, a 3! Anyone remember Lawrence Welk??


After all that purging, I think I deserve a brownie!   Yes, a GF brownie.   Takes some of the pleasure out of it, but I’m adjusting!    As long as it’s chocolate, and sweet!!   {BTW, I’ve discovered Udi’s GF chocolate cupcakes!   I’m in LOVE!!!!}

An after pix.   [I still don’t know how to take screen shots.   Except to literally take a shot of the screen.   Horrible quality, I know.   But, you still love me right??]

slob, humor, blog

Some that survived the “Ruthless Purge of ’16”



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