dreaded doorbell deadline

Yesterday, (many yesterdays ago, now) I got a phone call.

rotary dial phone

(By candlelight, apparently)

“I’m coming over, be there in an  hour.”

4 sand hour glasses

So, I’m guessing each one is 15 minutes??

Panic! Only 1 hour get ready!!

panic face

Exact replica of my expression!

First time visitor! I want to make a good impression!  I haven’t seen her in over 2 yrs!

Nony calls it F.O.U.D.  Fear of unexpected doorbell.  Perfect description, and diagnosis!

Took a quick shower.

(No pix exist of this.  You’re welcome.)

Dishes-10 min or less.

dirty dishes in sink

5 min pick up was all I needed!  Had time to sit down for lunch.

Whew! So relieved in such good shape since blog.

Left floor- oh well. Visitable not perfect!

Relaxed and enjoyed visit.

But then she wanted to go in bedroom!


Sigh. Oh well at least I made a good first impression!


15 thoughts on “dreaded doorbell deadline

  1. Funnily enough the bedroom is probably the tidiest place at my house – accept for some clothes on the floor ….. – okay, lets not talk about my place. You did amazing! 10 min pickup – BAM! Guest ready. (Really? She asked to go in your bedroom? Don’t do this people! Just don’t!)

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  2. hahaha at least they gave you a one hour heads up….
    Imagine you busy relaxing not expecting anyone and you are totally *not feeding any ducks* (dont know what that means but sounds provocative)
    and then the phone rings:
    “Hello its me”
    Hello you”
    “Are you home?”
    “Erm…, yes…, why?”
    “I am at your gate…..”

    what do you do what do you do??


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  3. Ahahaha funnnyyyy…i know this panicked cleaning dash well. 😛 in fact I miss it now that I’m in a new city and there’s nobody to come over… those mad dashes were always the most efficient cleaning I ever do! ;P

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