Quickly Quietly Quilting

Update:  This is what the baby quilt looked like Monday evening at 9:38 pm.  (That’s when my bobbin ran out.  My arms were already yelling “Uncle”!!)  The top 4 rows are completed, and was attaching the fifth…

This is definitely a challenge: racing against the clock!!

baby quilt in progress

Starting to actually look like a quilt!

Uh, please overlook the mess in the background, as usual, I didn’t see it till now.  Don’t worry, fans, plenty of slobbery to go around!  The fount of post material is not in any danger of running dry!!

Just in case you have forgotten, or don’t know, this is the bobbin:

making bobbinThe teeny one on the right.

So, back to the sweatshop, uh, I mean the air conditioned factory of joy!!

23 thoughts on “Quickly Quietly Quilting

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