I woke up, and BAM! I’m having a purple Christmas!


Now, to show you the REST of my Purple Christmas story.

You’re already seen my Joy,  and my Star,

 Just happens to be my middle name.  (Could that be why I love it???)

Just happens to be my middle name. (Could that be why I love it???)

I'm a star!

I’m a star!

And my Nativity.  


And my window lights.

Sparkly! Purple!

Sparkly! Purple!

Now, feast your eyes on my Purple Tree!




(Sorry the pic is so dark.  I need to improve my photography skills. )

Here is my big tree:



It blinks on, one section at a time. I don’t like that, but since it was a loaner tree, I didn’t fuss!  And not really even a big tree, since it’s only 4 ‘ 1/2″ tall!

I’m in love with the purple poinsettia as the tree topper.


Snowflake ornament:


Gorgeous lace angel, just given to me by a new friend:  (Thank you, Shirley!)


Grape clusters:



And other assorted balls etc.


My door, with lights around it:

The master bedroom door, all decked out.

The master bedroom door, all decked out

Closeup of the wreath:


And the 1 purple Christmas card I received:



I guess the other 2 card senders didn’t receive the purple memo!

And my Shiny Grape Wreath!  It’s on the back of the closet door, in the kitchen/entry hall.

I made it myself!

I made it myself!

(Did you notice I used the grape clusters to cover up the gap in the purple tinsel? Oh, you didn’t? Oopsie! Should have kept my big mouth shut!)

And the random Purple Ornaments, stuck to the walls.



And there you have it, my purple Christmas.

Sure hope I get some purple presents!

Update: I did! 2 in fact. Yay!

15 thoughts on “I woke up, and BAM! I’m having a purple Christmas!

  1. Great minds think alike! Our colourful Christmas! I love how you’ve decorated with purple, regal colour choice for Christmas! I still have my tree up, I’m in no hurry to take it down. Winter without Christmas is like Narnia without Aslan.

    Happy Sunday! God is good – all the time!

    ❤ carmen

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