Kitchen CAtastrophe

As of Jan 8, 2016  this is what my kitchen looks like.

dirty dishes on counter

Dirty kitchen, it’s the dishes’ fault! Not mine!


EEK!  But, wait!  Some of these are from Christmas Eve.  Whoops, that makes it worse, not better, doesn’t it??  My dirty dishes have been sitting there for 2 years!!

dirty chocolate syrup pot

Mama’s dumpling pot used for chocolate syrup.


Baking pans used for biscuits.

Dratted ding dong dishes!!

While I go to work trying to make it sparkling clean, um, clean, uh, reasonably clean, er, not nasty, please enjoy this stroll down filthy dish memory lane.  sigh   I’ve had a LOT of dirty dishes in the last 18 months.

May 4, 2015.

August 19, 2014

November 17, 2015


Huff, puff, mouth breathing….

Phase 1:



Phase 2:


Phase 3:


After 5 hours of forced labor, 3 gallons of elbow grease, and 6 sinkfuls of suds, sweat, and tears;  here is what it looks like now.


What?  I need to finish? [BIG SIGH]  FINE. {mutters under breath} Slave driver.



Whaddya mean why didn’t I completely finish???  I’m done, whether the kitchen is or not!!  



I’m headed to a well deserved nap.  If you don’t hear from me after 15 hours, send a search party to make sure I’m still breathing!  Straight down the hall, follow the sound of the snores.   WAIT, what am I saying???  It’s the exhaustion speaking! cuz I don’t snore!!   If I keep denying it long enough, that makes it true, right??  (I’m looking at you, *cough* Hillary *cough*.) 



Ok, Ok, Ok!!  Now that I’ve had some good beauty sleep, I’m ready to tackle those 2 year old pots and pans.

TA DA!!!


Partied hard here:   


Love/Hate Challenge

Beautiful Himali, from decodinghappyness has nominated me for a challenge.

                                      Love – Hate !

Read here: love-hate

  • List 10 things that you love.
  • List 10 things that you hate.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge.


So, here goes:


  1.  Jesus/God/Holy Spirit  (They’re the same, 3 persons in 1 Godhead.)
  2. My husband, DH
  3. My 2 daughters, DD1, DD2
  4. My grand baby, Pudding Pop
  5. Mamafirst established
  6. My family; nuclear,first established , this established, and extended
  7. PURPLE!!!  (Y’all knew that one was coming, right??)
  8. Losing weight
  9. The Bible
  10. Blogging, my new addiction

Hates:  Hmmmm, this is harder.

  1.  Bad grammar, especially in a love letter.  In 8th grade, I red-lined all my boyfriend’s love letters, and sent them back for editing!  Yes, I really did!  The gall!
  2. Long hair, on me.  I whack it off every chance I get.  When my girls were in Elementary school, I even shaved my head, much to their chagrin, and Mama’s horror!
  3. Shaving my legs.  Enough said.
  4. Abortion.  This is serious, I just couldn’t be all funny, without speaking up for the unborn.  They are precious little lives, no matter what stage of gestation.
  5. Frustation!  I’m not the most techie person in the world, so I get upset when I can’t just do what I want to do!  Why don’t I have a computer I can just speak to, and it instantly does my bidding????  WHY????
  6. Not having a sarcasm font.  I’ve asked for it enough times.  Someone should have invented this already!!
  7. Green. Yuck!
  8. Sushi.  Just the thought of it makes me queasy.  Believe me, I’ve eaten my share of stuff, so let me slide, okay?  Thanks!
  9. Running out of ice… and since I live alone, this would be the fault of ?????
  10. When I don’t get a nap.  So does everyone around me hate when this happens!!  (Can you say Grumpy?  I thought you could.)

Okay, so there’s that, then.  Onto the nominations.  And the awards go to:






oh my heartsie girl WW

tuesday talk

two uses tuesday

Beautifully Creative Inspired

Manic Monday on a Wednesday

I couldn’t sleep, after a 3 hour nap.  So, I went kinda manic.  I started decluttering like a mad woman.

Found 5 Wal-Mart bags, and a huge tote bag full of stuff to donate.  I went through my closet, my jewelry box, and my Expedit.

You would not believe the stuff I had.  Brand new Graduation party stuff, (my youngest graduated college 3 years ago), brand new school supplies like crayons, glue, markers, etc,

slob, humor, school supplies

WHY do I have them again??

(did I mention my youngest graduated college 3 years ago????),

jewelry I never wear, some of it I don’t think I ever wore, ( blue, and brown earrings are NOT purple!), assorted junks, brand new jewelry in the package, (how many pairs of strawberry earrings did I think I needed??? Seriously!), other party supplies, such as balloons, crepe paper, and balloon weights, (all brand new).  (I know, that is the world’s longest sentence, but my blog… etc.)

I have already been through my stuff and donated many things, so how can I still have so much to declutter??


1.  It’s brand new! I must keep it! It’s too good to give away!!  (IS that 1 reason or 3? You decide.)

2.  I might need it.

3.  Laziness, not wanting to actually work on decluttering.  Thank God for this blog, and being forced to do something, so I have something to post about!

4.  I got it for a specific purpose, that occasion has come and gone, but a similar one might arise.


5.  Need I go on??

So proud of myself! I did something useful instead of wasting the 2 hours on my crack, I mean Facebook.

slob, humor, facebook

Self explanatory


Only 2 hours??


Wow, it feels like it took hours, and hours, and hours! Instead of only hours.  See how I fool myself?  Yay, Tonight I just did it.