Fiction’s Food

Fiction’s Food  Quote Challenge .

I’ve been summoned invited to a quote challenge.   Thanks, Gary!!

Rules of the challenge

(Copied from the nomination by the garrulous Gary. From FictionIsFood.  I met him at my BBFFJ’s place:   And he is funny!!)

If you accept the challenge, post 1-3 quotes for three days and nominate three other wonderfully talented bloggers to the challenge as well.


Hmmm, the rules seem simple enough.    I can count to 2!!

Looking at the title of his blog, Fiction is Food, makes me hungry!   Wonder what I have laying around to snack on…..

slob, humor, grapes

Yumm!! Grapes!! Sweet!!


lost in the kitchen snacking for hours, then sleeps in a food coma for more hours…



Oh yeah, what was I supposed to be doing???

Okay, okay, enough fooling around, down to business.

Who should I quote??   I know!   Myself!    {Ego trip- party of 1.}


“This is my last Wendy’s cup ever.”    From  the post dated April 28, 2016,


slob, humor, drink

Wendy is such a cutie! And a cup chock full of sweet nectar!


I give y’all permission to remember that, and check up on me!!    (From the money I’ll save, I expect to be able to buy a brand new Ford F150 truck, in about 2 years!   For CASH!!   Lol, but I really did spend way too much on Cokes!!)

My 3 nominees are:

Envelope please!

Melanie from The Journey of my Left Foot.

Jenny from Unremarkable Files.

My new friend  from Texas Quilting.  ( Sorry.  She is such a new friend, I don’t even know her name yet!)   Just found out it’s Barbara. 😉

Have fun ladies!!

See ya later, with more me moments!!

21 thoughts on “Fiction’s Food

  1. Summoned has a far better ring to it than merely asked…it implies more of an LOTR feel and the Eye of Sauron…well in my mind any way…. You missed an ideal comeback with The Grapes of Wrath too…although that’s probably just me seein grapes and thinking of Poeisms..if that’s a word 🤔

    I’ve not written a food horror tale yet thinking about it…not that your Wendy cake is inferred to be such, on the contrary I’m now rather peckish myself…must report back to a food blogger with some peanut chocolate thingy I saw in my reader 👻

    I may also have to check out these nominees blogs too now….a matter of a kindness…if you’ve nominated them then it’s a pretty prestigious thing…I have high expectations….no pressure…but I do….well, a bit…part of it is down to my blog experiences so far and everyone being so blasted friendly…what gives? I am still in shock from the times of watching tumbleweed drift across my newbie zone thinking I have no mates here at all. Then I just went to a meet and greet and poof…best bunch of folk I ever did meet. I feel certain there are many more yet to discover…

    Off topic…thank you for the intro…it heaps pressure in my direction now…terrible that…so maybe unthanks is better 🙃

    Brilliant start my friend…exactly as expected…the brilliance that is…not the grapes and a cake…although that’s also brilliant…have a grand weekend 😁

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re quite welcome…I nearly missed it…things seem to fly down the reader too quick. I must find a strategy to make sure the cool stuff stay on the radar. Not that most of it isn’t cool…it mostly is because that’s why I’m following the blogs in the first place….but what is new is the potential to miss folk…and that’s bad, very bad.

        Grapes and cake….that would make it The Cake of Wrath on account of it having fruit in…it’s cake…chocolate, icing, cream, more chocolate. Throw the grapes away 😁

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jenny, I’m so sorry! What was I thinking???
      And please check all your food, before consuming! I’m sure your tongue is NOT in need of a good washing! lol
      You get a free pass for the next 2 years of challenges!


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  7. Hi BBFFM,
    Thank you so very much for linking to me! I am linking to you tomorrow at my blog party– I am giving you all the credit for the party, of course, since you were the inspiration. I hope you will come.

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