Since I’ve been in physical recovery, I’ve had to adapt several things around my home.  The bathroom is one of them.

I’m apparently incapable of standing up for a shower, exhibit A, the falls in Oct, and before that.

So, now I’m tied down to a tub bench.

20150408_120143 Haha, not actually tied down, but you know what I mean!  Actually, it’s kinda nice to sit, and not have to worry about whether or not I’m going to end up on the floor!

And, I must use a shower hose, or whatjamacallit.

20150408_120155Oh wow, I did NOT notice how dirty my tub was, due to my slob-o-vision and all, until I saw the pic. EWWWWW

But the question is, now that I’ve seen it, what will I do about it?? Ummmm, you can probably guess.

And 1 last thing, the best of all: the raised potty chair! With handles!!

20150408_120222Let me tell you, if you don’t have one of these puppies, run and get one right now!!  If you are tall, the raised height is so comfortable!!  And the handles! Oh, the handles!!  Perfect for creaky knees, (to help my arms lever me up silly! I DO NOT put my knees on the handles!)

So, that’s what a doddery old person’s bathroom looks like.  Not that I’m old, exactly, just the doddery part.  Unless you’re under 20, then yes, to you, I’m old.

May you never get old yourself!

What is it???

Glance at this picture, then look away quickly.


What was your first impression?

Brother and I both thought it looks like a Christmas tree covered in lights.  Look again.  Can you see it?

Have you figured out what it really is?

Yup, a pile of dirty laundry!  Isn’t that funny?

The “lights” are white polka dots on my pajamas.

How could it have fallen been thrown into such a perfect tree shape?

And yes, I did clean it up, and go wash them! Yay for me.

Here’s the proof.

20150403_111709Of course, that was 3 days ago, so…..

Hotel?? or Home??

Just look at all these doorways!!




Left Side of Hall

Left Side of Hall

Right Side of Hall

Right side of Hall




It almost looks like a hotel rather than a home, doesn’t it?

Except without the maids, the bell boys, and those annoying key cards.

Well, these toddler locks are about as annoying to open as key cards!


And, we do have a pool here at the complex, and a work out room….

And someone does pay to stay here…..

And people move in and out with regularity….

And without the wreath on my door, I certainly would be confused about which room is mine, since I have moved 3 times….


Am I sure this isn’t a hotel??

Well, I don’t provide clean towels, or make beds either!

And I certainly don’t carry luggage!

So… maybe it’s a Motel??

Room Rotation

When DD1, PP, and I moved into this apartment, I gave the master to DD1.  I took the back room, bedrooms 2 & 3 were for storage, and PP’ s crib was in the living room.  We had no TV, so it wasn’t a problem.  When she went to sleep, we just went to our rooms.

DH and I were separated, so it was just us girls.


(I wish I was as young and cute as that!  DD1 is, but taller.)

When PP started getting older, her crib being in the living room started becoming a problem.  So, she needed her own room.  That created its own problem, since the other 2 bedrooms were full, I’m talking almost can’t shut the door, full of junk.  Sweet Friend put 1 roomful in storage.

Finally we managed to get one room cleared out enough for the crib and a dresser.  The futon, and a rocker stayed, along with lots of boxes in the closet.

So that was the first turn of the room rotation wheel.

slob, humor, spinning wheel

                           (I sure hope I don’t cause any seizures with this image!)

Then DD1 and PP moved out while I was in rehab for my back.

Another turn.

And DH and I reconciled when I got out.  He and I moved into the master.



That was the 3rd turn.

DD1 & PP returned home.   You guessed it, another turn,  because now we had to go into overdrive to clean out the remaining storage room for DD1, since PP went back into her old room.   So began a flurry of activities. Clearing out, sorting, selling, storing elsewhere, giving away, and trashing stuff like has never before been seen in this slob’s life.

DH and I separated again.  But no one else moved right then.  A miracle in itself!

DD1 and PP moved out again.  Another spin of the wheel.

Brother moved in.  He took the back 2 rooms, and I stayed in the master. Whirligig again.


DD1 and PP came back, and had to share 1 room.  (Dizzy yet??)   Not happy campers.

Brother wanted a little more privacy, and I didn’t mind moving, so around and around we go.  Where we stop, nobody knows.  Now Brother was in the master, I was in the back bedroom, DD1 was in the front room, and PP was in her old room again.  With me so far?  I know I have vertigo from all the switchbacks!!

Then DD1 got married, and she and PP moved out again.  Yay for their happiness!

Wheel spun again.

Now, Brother wants to go back to the 2 original rooms he had, to have more room.  It hasn’t happened yet.. And I’ll be back in the master, so I can have a bit more privacy..

If anybody else wants to move back in or out, or back and forth, (after we do this next switch of course) I think I might, just might, beat them with a wet noodle.  The pool kind, not spaghetti!



The moral of the story is, put all your furniture on sliders.  Makes it so much easier to move.


The Tale of Two Tiny Tables

In the theme of chipping away at the mountain, here is the tale of 2 tiny tables.

20150330_220752This is the tray table to the left of my recliner.  It’s not a true before, cuz I had already moved some books and mail.  (That troubling memory blip of forgetting to take “befores”!  Will I ever remember????)

There’s cookies, not the healthiest of breakfasts, but hey, I’m grown!  A library book, my black cherry Coke,(oh, you didn’t know Coke made a black cherry flavor?  I’m a cracker from Fl. all soft drinks are Coke, even Pepsi.  Sorry, Jan S.!) and my Bible, plus assorted hair bows, lip balms, and nose spray.

Then, I did a little decluttering, putting things where they belong, (Look, Nicole!! I did it!!) and voila!

20150331_143955  The Bible, and 1 book stay, because I’m actively reading them.  My drink stays because I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen every 2 minutes, when I’m thirsty!  Don’t judge!  And the candy??  Well, I’m quite sure it won’t stay very long!  It’s Dove Dark!

DO NOT LOOK AT THE KITCHEN BAR BEHIND THE TRAY TABLE!!  I’ve been given permission to just go slow, and do a few, (or even one, if that’s all I can do) things a day.  The kitchen bar, and counters, etc are a whole week’s worth of work, at my sloth pace.

Here’s is PP’s petite dining table, before.  Yay! A real before!  I can do it!!  (Actually, the books and mail were on the tray table, I had just shifted them before the before.  You caught me, Shirley.)

20150331_144500  After some decluttering, (and yes, Shirley, I did take all the stuff to its homes. Not just outta camera range.)

20150331_144932 Ta da!  All nice and clean.  Well, decluttered anyway.  I don’t think I’ll bother cleaning off the crayon.  Not till she’s got the “only color on paper” thing down pat!

Thus endeth the tale of two tiny tables.  I dideth terrific.

Good Friday?

Today is the day we traditionally observe/celebrate Jesus’ Crucifixion.


Jesus died for our sins.  He was in agony, but He did it for us, because He loved us so much.

“Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost.” Mark 15:37

Then He rose again 3 days and 3 nights later (that’s why I say traditionally celebrate.)


“Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week….”

Mark 16:9 a

Please accept the gift of His salvation today.

It’s as easy as A, B, C.

Accept that you are a sinner.

“As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.”

Romans 3:10

Believe on Jesus as your Savior.

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

Confess that Jesus is Lord.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Romans 10:9

Follow these steps, and see you in heaven.

Organizing the Junk (Oh, I mean Treasures)

After Mama and I worked in my widdle woom, getting rid of trash, and salable stuff, (that I would let go of), then we she organized.  And I do have after pix of that.  No befores, of course.  sigh

Here is my table.  This is a definite after.  You’ll understand why I say that, as we go along.

20150317_22123920150317_221314   My bed is another definite after.  I don’t get the whole, make-up your bed, and you’ll feel better thing…  I’m gonna get right back in it shortly, sometimes very, very shortly.  Why bother???

Here is a before:

20150318_135038     Yay!! I remembered to take a before!  Sadly, we didn’t get to that dresser.  Hey, we only had 3 hours!!

20150317_221327   Believe it or not, this is an after!  Before you couldn’t even see the surface of the desk!  I know, I know, the shampoo can go to the bathroom, and so can the air freshener.  And the chips to the kitchen.  Quit ragging on me, trust me, it’s so much better now!  And yes, that’s my Cry Baby Bear there.  She is 53 years old, and ain’t going nowhere!!  Well, maybe outta the box, onto a shelf, but not out the door!!

20150317_221510   See how neatly the books are organized?  All Mama!!  I was having a hard enough time, letting go of stuff.  Organize too???  Beyond me!  Maybe someday… (Over the Rainbow…..)  Still have more work to do in those shelves,  but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

20150317_221249     This is how the corner by my closet looks now.  Before, there were 6 boxes, and junk piled on top.

20150317_221304          Yay! Carpet!  There was 1 more box there, and more piles of random stuff.

20150317_221259     Double yay! Even more carpet!  I can’t remember how many boxes were originally here.

All I know is, we took out those 2 huge boxes of trash, and the 1 cart full of yard sale stuff.  And it is sooooo much better in here!!  (Here, just in case you forgot what the garbage looked like.  You’re welcome.)

20150317_19414620150317_151736466px-Brompton_transport_roulettes  Mama’s cart was at least twice that size.  But of course, you know what happened, I forgot to take…..

So, one or two, three?? more sessions in my room ought to do it.  But I’ll try to take before pix next time.  Or, actually, I can use these as my befores!!  What a great idea!!

I know there can’t be any more trash in there, can there???  Only time will tell.  And you know I will definitely tell!!


Update: June 29, 2015.   I finally got the Expedit all done!!    Just in time to get rid of it, and move into My First Place!!       (Where it wouldn’t have even fit, unless I was able to sleep in one of the cubbies!!    LOL     So I sold it to Sis, who had plenty of room.)

All Things Purple

make all things purple  This is one of my fondest wishes.  Not that I’m crazy about it, or anything.  (Yes, they did use me as the model for this pix, but what’re you sayin?)

AS you might imagine, I have lots of purple things in my house.  Nah, really?  (Why, oh why, don’t we have a sarcasm font yet??)

Kitchen things:

Refridge Magnets

Refridge Magnets

Yes, I’m aware that it’s pretty egotistical to have my own pic on my fridge.. But, hey, if I don’t love myself, who will?  I made the pansy cross stitch, way back in the day.



dish towel,

measuring cup,

ice cream scoop,




20150311_151753 cookie jar

20150318_131238 cannisters

20150311_151809  pretty flower, just to cheer me up.


medium Tupperware bowl;

dish cloth

Non kitchen stuff:

My Bible

slob, humor, Bible

My latest, and newest favorite


Key and key carabiner, (thank you Sweet Friend!)


Metro bag,

Publix bag, (so glad to see that stores finally caught onto the fact that purple is Pretty!)




sunglasses, (my whole new Spring wardrobe, right there)

slob, humor, sunglasses

Spring Wardrobe from Anonyomous


Are you gagging  from all the purple yet??

Okay, okay, I’ll quit.  But you get the idea!  Nearly everything in my house is purple, that I can get my hands on.  Still working on a Comfortable, purple recliner!

I did NOT intend to publish this yet!  Oh, well.  You’ll just have to suffer through it when I finish it for real, and re-publish.  Mea culpa